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Understanding the GHS Labeling System. Hazard Communication and the Global Harmonizing System.

The following questions are provided to determine how well you understand the information presented during the training program.

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    1. The Hazard Communication (HazCom) standard requires your employer to inform you of potential chemical hazards in your workplace. TrueFalse
    2. Under the HazCom standard, your employer must inform you of ways to protect yourself from hazardous chemicals using safe work practices, emergency procedures, and personal protective equipment. TrueFalse
    3. Under OSHA’s new GHS rule, MSDSs will be replaced with Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). TrueFalse
    4. Which single word on a label represents the more severe hazard? DangerWarning
    5. How do chemicals enter the human body? Skin contactIngestionInhalationAll of the above
    6. One pictogram may be used to represent several hazards within a class. TrueFalse
    7. There are ______ GHS pictogram symbols: TwoThreeSixNine
    8. As long as you were told about the hazardous chemicals with which you are working, your employer does not have to explain how to detect their presence or release. TrueFalse
    9. Your employer is required to inform you of the location & availability of your workplace’s written Hazard Communication program. TrueFalse
    10. Your work place must have a Safety Data Sheet for every hazardous chemical in the workplace. TrueFalse

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